[amsat-bb] 2 Meter TV Interference

Wyatt Dirks wyattdirks at msn.com
Tue Dec 6 19:17:55 PST 2011

Just recently I have been having troubles with a neighbor while I am working the FM satellites(SO-50 and AO-27). The setup I am currently using is my mobile setup because I am unable to put a base station up for many reasons. I am using a FT8900 with 50 watts out into a 1/4 wave or 1/2 Larson mobile antenna.The 1/4 wave is mounted permanently via a hole in the roof of my truck an the 1/2 wave is mounted on a mount opposite the factory installed FM/AM radio whip. It doesn't seem to matter what antenna I use for the problem to occur. Then I use either the arrow antenna or my cju for the downlink.

The problem occurs while I am transmitting. The neighbor says that his tv receives the interference in that the picture is disturbed and sometimes cuts out completely. He is getting his tv from hdtv over the air. He has an antenna in the attic that goes to a powered splitter which then goes to several tvs. That is about all i know on his setup but I do know that if he cuts the power to the splitter he receives nothing. Also the problem seems to be on every channel.

Today I had another local ham over at the request of the neighbor and his mobile Kenwood radio did the same thing to the neighbors tv when he transmitted on 2 meter with 50 watts out. He also recommended that they get a filter. I did not see the specs on the filter nor do I know what bandwidth it was for. 

If anyone has any ideas on what would solve this problem and could share that would be great. 

Catch you on the birds

Wyatt AC0RA

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