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On 12/4/2011 11:35 PM, i8cvs wrote:
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>> Leave SSB to the gallbladder brigade on 80m.
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>> Gordon JC Pearce MM0YEQ<gordonjcp at gjcp.net>
> Hi Gordon, MM0YEQ
> At the age of 80 (March 15th) I found that comment
> very very offensive.

I think that the gallbladder comment was offensive from the perspective that it 
was derogatory.  I think it's important for all parts of amateur radio to 
understand how other parts view them.  That peer "pressure" helps to all have 
conversation (when it gets to be a bad view) which can help us arrive at 
educating each other about why our views, behavior, equipment, operating 
practices etc. are different.

> In addition I see that you technically don't know the
> advantages of the SSB over FM

This is a little on the "assumptive" side of the conversation.  He may in fact 
completely understand what SSB brings to the table, but also understand, that 
practically, FM, WiFi, PSK or any other mode doesn't necessarily "enable" 
communications through a satellite as much as it "facilitates" a particular type 
of operating practice, some of which are "easier" to use, than others.

For very short duration conversations, SSB "tuning around" diminishes the usable 
time, because it inhibits communications for the moments that the stations are 
"chasing" each other.  I.e. you don't know "where" the other station is at on 
the dial, and you tune around as they are calling, and then they start tuning 
away because no one comes back immediately.

With FM, you either hear them, or you don't, and the small single frequency sats 
make it unnecessary to guess.  You just need a Doppler tuning capable radio, and 
either software to do Doppler for you, or some experience to learn how to do it 
yourself, manually.

> Listen here please how looks an SSB QSO via VO-52
> made day 28 november 2011 between my self and
> IW6OVD and compare with any FM satellite.
> http://hamradio.selfip.com/iw6ovd/VO-52.mp3

Listening to this, points out the difference in operating practices required 
between FM and SSB.  It also illustrates a "casual conversation" on a satellite, 
which some would argue is something that you should not be using such limited 
resources for.  The fact that you are using your native language, might say to 
someone who doesn't know the language, that you are trying to "ignore" or "leave 
out" other Amateur operators who you "don't want interfering with your QSO". 
That is the same kind of experience that many newer HF spectrum users find on 
80m.  There are some decade or longer "friends" roundtables on that band, and 
many of those conversations are so "specific" and/or so "small in interest" 
(health issues) that others operators don't feel like they can join the 
conversation.  On most of the other bands, conversations are very different in 

I'm not trying to be harsh Domenico.  Your contributions in the forum here, are 
always professional and educational.  I just want you to have an idea of how 
someone else might perceive your intent so that you can see how the original 
derogatory comment can become easy to "toss out", in conversation.

Gregg Wonderly

> 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico
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