[amsat-bb] Remote polarity / preamp switching

Dominic Hawken dominic at del.co.uk
Sat Dec 3 15:54:03 PST 2011

I currently have two runs of coax from the shack up to the roof, each connected to smallish dual band 2/70 yagis, horizontally polarised, on an az/el rotator. One's connected to the 70cm output of my FT847, and the other to the 2m output.

I'd like to upgrade to cross-polarised beams for 2 and 70 that I can switch between vertical, horizontal and circular polarisation, and also add masthead preamps powered through the coax. Some form of remote switching seems to be the way to go, but the few commercial switches I've found googling are really expensive (and I'd need two afaik).

I'm basically wanting to upgrade without having to run more coax or power cable up to the mast if possible - wondering of anyone has done something similar without breaking the bank.

Thanks in advance tor any help,

Dominic G6NQO.

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