[amsat-bb] here's how i see it!

Sat Dec 3 09:34:35 PST 2011

In an attempt to be as non-partisan as possible here is how I see it:

Lets not live in the past. There are viable projects out there that need 
our IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. No short term action at this time to one 
satellite or another will  provide the Amateur community with a long 
term option for satellite communications.
I for one, want to know the *who, what when & where of getting the NEXT 
bird into outer space.*

I hear "support this project or that project!", but I need information 
on how we can FIX the satellite issues and not just put a band-aide on 
it like the politicians like to do!

We all know it cost MONEY to launch into Orbit, lets start getting the 
how, when and where figured out. Then lets start raising money! The 
sooner we start the quicker we can have the "birds" we want.

I enjoy the satellites, both FM and Linear, I even use CW on the linear 
"birds" I have made many a marginal contact on a low angle pass because 
of using CW.

That's the beautiful thing about this hobby, it is multifaceted and can 
make room for ANYONE'S interests.

BIRD, ORBIT, MONEY that's what we need not a lot of debate on can we 
"Frankenstein" some bird into something it is not.
I'm done, the Soap Box is going back into the closet (for now!)
AO27 in 50 minutes! B THERE!

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