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i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Sat Dec 3 09:29:34 PST 2011


Well sayd.............I agree with you !

CW and SSB is just what we have to do on VO-52

BTW, it's impossible to access VO-52 in FM with a 5 watt HT
and arrow antennas because for a decent QSO on CW and SSB
we need at least 50 watt and a 13 dBi 70 cm antenna.

We, operators of VO-52 linear transponder on CW and SSB
we have a lot of counter measures against any FM intruder
into the VO-52 linear passband.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> There are 2 FM birds use them and if you need to buy some used ssb
equipment do it dont trash a good SSB bird . The hobby is still going good .
Learn how to use SO50 and AO27 and enough with this FM on VO52 BRAVO SERRIA
crap. Donate to AMsat sothey can put up a new bird . MAN UP enough crying
about AO51 and I cant work the birds
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> Gentlemen,
> These are not normal times, we are seriously short of satellites and
without satellites we don't have a hobby anymore.  Without new and more
satellites users we probably won't have a hobby anymore either.
> Time for creative thinking.
> FM on VO-52 might just be something we have to do.
> Send as much money as you can afford to the Fox project
> 73 John g7hia
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