[amsat-bb] Re: TS2000 ~436.798 MHz Birdie Solution

John Wright ham at g4dmf.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 09:24:34 PST 2011

At 17:55 30/11/2011, you wrote:
>Hi John,
>I had heard of the down converter solution before and purchased
>a used down converter. Unfortunately it seemed to pick up the TS-
>2000 bird nearly as well as the TS-2000. I just lashed the setup
>together so maybe taking more care to isolate the converter from
>the TS-2000 might improve my results. I'll have to give it a try

Mount the down convertor at the aerial/masthead! way out of range for 
the spurious
and you can use cheap cable for the 10mtr down feed line! 

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