[amsat-bb] Response to my request of information about EduSat from GAUSS team in Rome: Re: [CubeSat] Edusat operative or failure

Gi. (Ab2vy) giuliop70 at aol.com
Mon Aug 29 22:18:12 PDT 2011

Hi to all, this is what I have received from GAUSS team in Rome about my request of Info about Edusat, they talk about of "Non Amateur Radio satellite"...
73 de Giulio AB2VY
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Dear all,

this is the GAUSS group which is in charge of Edusat satellite.

We want to calm down Giulio: Edusat mission is carrying on flawlessly. We
have communicated with it and he told us that the weather is a bit chilly
but the panorama is great.

We have seen that many wrong informations are reported on the web. For
example, all the radio frequencies are wrong. Edusat is not a radioamateur
satellite and has an experimental license for communicating.

We didn't thought our satellite could be so interesting for the space
community. Thank you for giving us so much attention.

2011/8/29 Gi. (Ab2vy) <giuliop70 at aol.com>

> Hi to all the members, knowing that Edusat is not pretty a cubesat.., I'm
> looking for some informations or reports about the bird, because ,
> monitoring the spectrum of UHF and S-Band from the launch to today , NO
> Signals was received from  ground stations in US and EU  (same thing for
> Nigeriasat) is there a problem on the mission?
> Thanks for any reports
> 73 de Giulio AB2VY
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