[amsat-bb] ARISSat1 Telemetry

Michael A. Connors maconnor at spinn.net
Sat Aug 27 21:01:48 PDT 2011

I believe that there is at least one frame of emergency power telemetry 
in this attached file, the others I believe indicated high power.  I 
believe that the voltage indicated was about 35.6 while in emergency 
power mode.  I could only hear the satellite for about 3 minutes.  It 
was only 10° elevation at the apex from my QTH in New Mexico.  My 
antenna system is a small horizonially polarized 7 element cheap yagi 
and mast mounted pre-amp.

I hope this information helps indicate the health of the satellite.  It 
almost seems like a software bug and not a battery problem.  The 
satellite seems to switch to low power unnecessarily when the voltage 
the telemetry indicated is greater than 35.


Mike, KI7AB

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