[amsat-bb] CM86/CM96 rare grid activation this Saturday August 27.

John Papay john at papays.com
Fri Aug 26 12:45:22 PDT 2011

Hello.   K G 6 N U B/p   received a positive response from his CM86 /
  CM96 grid activations  last week from Santa Cruz California.  To fill
  unmet demands for these grids, especially CM86,  he will be traveling
  to the CM86/CM96 grid boundary this Saturday August 27th.        For
  those needing cards, a SASE sent the FCC ULS listed address is
  appreciated, but not required.  Expect a  3-12 month turnaround.
  He always operates with  5W or less into a hand held yagi connected
  to a full duplex radio.    The operation plan is as follows:

    QTH: -122.0/37.0
   Object       AOS (utc)    LOS   grid(s)
   SO-50        19:47    19:59   CM86/CM96
   AO-27        20:04    20:15   CM86/CM96
   AO-27        21:41    21:56   CM86
   AO-51        22:10    22:22   CM86/CM96
   AO-27        23:26    23:33   CM86
   AO-51        23:47    00:02   CM86
   AO-51        01:30    01:39   CM86(maybe)

John K8YSE

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