[amsat-bb] Twelve in EM12

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Wed Aug 24 08:05:59 PDT 2011

OK, how about putting some teeth into it: 12 in EM12.

That's 12 "satellites", though.

Kinda like Amsat Field Day rules.  With a few twists.

RULE NUMBER 1: Contacts are only valid if they are between Amsat members.
OR, if you really can't afford to join Amsat (no hard feelings, times are
tough) but if you can certify (via Amsat receipt) that you have made a
donation to Amsat at some time during the period of your contacts (i.e.
between the first and last qualifying contacts).  So put $5 or $10 (or
more!) toward the AMSAT-NA ARISSat-1 and Fox fund if you can't afford a
full membership.
This is unashamedly intended to help increase membership and funding for
these fine satellites, and future satellites.

Other rules:
Each modulation mode (e.g. CW, SSB, FM, SSTV, PSK-31, DV?) and each
satellite mode (e.g. V/U, U/V, L/S) on a satellite count as a separate

You could conceivably do it in much fewer than 12 actual satellites.
AO-7 SSB and CW on both Mode A (V/A) and Mode B (U/V) would be four contacts!

One contact per mode per satellite means that you need to
spread/challenge/increase your talents.  FM voice on AO-51, SO-50, ISS (is
the repeater working?) etc. won't do it all for you.  FO-29, VO-52,
ARISSat become important.  And don't forget packet!  MESSAGES through
mailboxes like NO-44 (no beacons).

Get out and exercise the birds and your capabilities!  I'm sure there are
enough satellite ops in EM12 to make it work.  It likely won't be a one
weekend effort, but that fact may stimulate longer term activity on the

This is a PROPOSAL though, to stimulate discussion and interest.  If there
is any, I am willing to process entries and send out awards, and hopefully
there are other EM12s who would be interested in helping, too!

Your thoughts?

Amsat #8865

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