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Mon Aug 22 11:19:57 PDT 2011

I am just fowarding this email to the amsat-bb list.  The IC-910H has the 1.2Ghz module in it.  Jim told me he would be willing to ship the "shipable" items.  

73 Bob W7LRD 

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Bob Johnson 

Jim Denneny (K7EG) has sent you a ad for you to review. 

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Hello Bob 

I see you are WWDXC member.  I am selling out satellite station.  This ad plus an Icom 910H ad were just posted in Eham website.  If you know of anyone in the area (or a better way to get the word out in our AMSAT region) that would be interested in a first class satellite station, let me know. Thanks /73 

Jim K7EG 
Auburn WA 

The following is a ad from eHam.net: 

Title: VHF/UHF Satellite Antenna System 

Description: Complete Satellite Antenna System with G5500 AZ-EL rotator.  Sell complete only. $1950. Pickup only Seattle area - too bulky to ship. Everything in excellent condition.  X-Quads 144 & 430 with GasFET preamps. Helix antenna on 1200 Mhz with GasFET preamp. Parabolic small dish on 2400 with UEK 3000 down-convertor. Hardline, phasing networks. 253-939-6107 

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You can see this ad in full at: 


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