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In Line with these continuous stream of reports-----
If you send in for the Certificate-Please send in 1 report for each
type of reception.  Please avoid duplicates, The certificate
generators do not need multi reports-  Send all reports to the
ARRISsat-1 Team. They need the reports to keep the bird alive and
Send in to the Certificates ONLY what is asked for.  We ( Certificate
Team) do not have the capability (manpower wise) to forward all these
good informational reports to the people that need them.   The
ARRISSAT-1 team needs your telemetry and send it in via the checkmark
on the software so the proper engineering specs get to the team.
I have listened many times and sent in reports.  It is great fun to
hear the fruits of the team.  It is going to get busier when the US
school system gets into full swing and starts sending in for
certificates for their efforts.  Let's encourage the educational types
to include this scientific side of this bird into their curriculum.
Dee, NB2F

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Enough with the friggin ARISSAT-1 reports, gee I heard it too.  Post
your reports here   http://oscar.dcarr.org/  I mean really .


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