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Nick Pugh K5QXJ quadpugh at bellsouth.net
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Alan, Dudley el al

Here is what I am experiencing using ver 2.22

	1. When I transmit on VFO B I get motor boating in the open
receiver. The fix is to always put the uplink in 		vfo b. The
normal satpc32 in vu mode loads the transmit in vfo b. There is a special
version of satpc32 		that will do that but it does not have the
voice announce feature. 
	2. When changing from uv to vu mode generates error and it takes
extra key strokes to fix that.
	3. I get desensing in the vu mode and the agc level has no effect
reducing power helps.
	4. The Flex does not load the modes from satpc32 correctly.
	5. In the FM mode I only get a max of 20 watts out in previous
version I got 60 watts output.
	6. The VAC does not get input from vfo b. The VAC should be
selectable both on transmit and receive.

	I am a little frustrated having paid a premium for a satellite rig
and 6 month later its performance does not 	yet match its analog radios
equivalent  performance. I appreciate all the help and support that Flex
especially Dudley has 	given to me and 	I remain hopeful that they
will fix the remaining issues.


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Actually, it works pretty well with the latest version.  Set up SATPC32 as
for a TS-2000.  It is neat to see a signal in the transponder, drag it to
the passband, and you are ready to go.  

A few comments.  The Satellite Mode in the SATPC32 setup does nothing,
either way, due to the way the Flex is set up.  Also, it is absolutely
critical set the AGC-T properly.  Set too high, and it appears to have a bad
desense when you transmit.  Set as they recommend, and it works perfectly.
Finally, there are some issues with the squelch in FM causing "motor
boating" in one of the receivers.  That does seem to be new in 2.1.5 and has
been identified as a problem.

There are at least three issues where the VU5K does not quite get the
emulation right.

1.  It does not always assign the PTT to the correct VFO.  You need to set
this manually.

2.  It does not set the TX mode.  Set manually.

3.  If you go from a VU to a UV satellite, or UV to VU, is chokes with some
error messages, and then RX2 shuts down.  From the messages, it seems to be
trying to set both RX1 and RX2 to the same band.  Restart RX2, and all is
well.  As a work around, I created a dummy satellite with both uplink and
downlink on 20 meters.  I select that first, and then the new satellite.  It
is faster, slightly, than clearing the error messages and restarting RX2.

Flex has a bug report on this, and I talked with one of their people at the
Huntsville Hamfest yesterday.


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I am struggling to get my Flex 5000 and satpc32 to work. Has anyone on the
list been able to get this combination to get the performance we get with
the vintage radios? My best success has come with version . The
latest  release Friday make thing worse.





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