[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT at Chaos Communication Camp 2011 - with ARISSAT-1

Patrick Strasser OE6PSE oe6pse at wirklich.priv.at
Mon Aug 22 01:44:00 PDT 2011

Am 2011-08-14 00:20, schrieb Trevor .:
> Today Mario Lorenz DL5MLO from AMSAT-DL gave a presentation on Amateur Radio Space Communications as part of the Hacker Space Program track at the Chaos Communication Camp 2011.
> Mario's talk titled 'From OSCAR 1 to Mars and beyond - Amateur Space Exploration – The last 50 years, now, and the future' 
> Hacker Space Program track
> http://events.ccc.de/camp/2011/Fahrplan/track/Hacker%20Space%20Program/index.en.html
> Chaos Communication Camp 2011
> http://events.ccc.de/camp/2011/

The video of the talk can be viewed at


The day before I was tracking with him ARISSAT-1, Mario with his Funcube
Dongle, and we were able to track a nice non-eclipsed pass. Mario could
successfully decode telemetry, but I do not have his data.


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