[amsat-bb] Re: ARISSat telemetry and Doppler tuning

Ronald G. Parsons w5rkn at w5rkn.com
Sat Aug 20 06:40:24 PDT 2011

One thing I've discovered which makes things go more smoothly is to reduce 
the minimum Doppler tuning interval.

I am using SatPC32 V12.8a. There are two parameters in the CAT menu -- the 
Speed which I changed to 5x (which is not sticky) and the minimum Doppler 
tuning step for SSB which I set to zero (it will be sticky if you remember 
to click Store).

With these two changes, although the Doppler correction may drift off, it 
does so very smoothly, which I assume allows the decoding of the BPSK data 
to be more accurate.


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