[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 6, Issue 478

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Fri Aug 19 19:32:35 PDT 2011

Thanks for the ideas, Mike.  I am using FM for sure, and no I was never able
to receive ARISSat-1 with the stock antenna in the shack.
I'll certainly try removing the duplexer.  And thank for the info about the
roofing material.  I don't have aluminum siding, but I don't know about that
kind of roofing material.  The roof was replaced recently, is all I can tell
you at the moment.  I'll also try outside.

Thanks again

Burns, W2BFJ


Make sure your receive mode for frequency 145.950 is FM on your
Kenwood F6A handheld.
Before you?upgraded with additional hardware could you receive
ARISSat-1 signals using the stock antenna inside your shack?
If you can, the next step is to?remove the Diamond 2m/70cm
duplexer as it might be blocking the amplified signal from your SSB?
2m pre-amp.
If that does not?help, then?it could be that?the satellite signal are being
degraded more than 75 percent or blocked entirely by the orient strand
board (OSB) radiant barrier roof sheathing which is backed with a
specially designed aluminum foil. The same goes if your dwelling
exterior is fabricated with aluminum siding.
It that is the case, then your only hope is to mount the antenna outside.
Mike Schaffer
Tampa, Florida

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