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Dave, Phil and Bob,

For additional information read


and look at Fig 22-7 page 10 of 20 Radiation Pattern of the 1  1/2
turn 1,25 wavelenght Quadrifilar Antennas.

With the antenna straight up pointed to Zenith the gain is 4 dBi all
around the azimuth at 30° elevation and -3 dBi overhead at 90°

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> >You don't have to use a narrow beam antenna with maximum gain on axis.
> >You can always design it with a bowl-shaped pattern that increases gain
> >toward the edges and lowers it in the middle.
> That's why the quadrifilars work so well. I measured the pattern some
> time back, and the "beam width" is about 140 degrees....
> Point them straight up and be satisfied with that part of a pass, or
> mount them at 40 degrees, and rotate AZ with a TV rotor for the
> entire pass. For 50 degree max passes point them at the center of the
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