[amsat-bb] Re: [suitsat2] ARISSat-1 Transmissions over North America Thursday PM

Jerry Zdenek zdenekjs at sarpeidon.net
Thu Aug 18 20:37:25 PDT 2011

Do we know which callsigns were sent out over CW?  There's a limited set 
of 32 CW Ids that are sent when the SD card is not available.  Also, did 
we get any of the stock SSTV images?

Are we still seeing this?  I pulled the one of the latest STP files 
(201108182126711), and it's indicating that call signs are being sent 
from the SD card currently, and the MET is 1h 7s.

I didn't instrument the FM mission enough to be able to tell from the 
telemetry stream if it's getting more from the SD card or not, 


On 8/18/2011 6:33 PM, Gould Smith wrote:
> During the 2320Z pass of ARISSat-1 over North America this evening a
> number of changes to the 2m FM transmissions were noted.
> 1) Male voice for telemetry means that the female voice files on the SD
> card could not be read
> 2) No greetings, mean that the greetings stored on the SD card could not
> be read.
> 4) MET of 2M while the satellite was still in a long period of sunlight
> - satellite must have reset during sunlight
> 4) FM transmissions consisted of voice ID, male telemetry and SSTV image
> in rotation
> Please send your BPSK telemetry into the server.
> 73,
> Gould, WA4SXM
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