[amsat-bb] Re: Turn off AGC when receiving BPSK-1000

Phil Karn karn at philkarn.net
Thu Aug 18 20:38:52 PDT 2011

On 8/18/11 11:03 AM, JoAnne Maenpaa wrote:

> Yeah, we still have dreams! At various times it had been called AMSAT-Eagle,
> Phase IV Lite, C-C Rider, and other things. You'll notice from the dates on
> these papers how long we've had this dream of a millions dollar rideshare
> with a millions dollar satellite ...

Yes, and the fact that none of these piggyback payloads have ever come
to fruition, while we do continue to get the occasional ad-hoc small
satellite deployment opportunity, suggests that we need our own attitude
determination and control system if at all possible.

The most likely opportunity to piggyback a payload on a controlled
platform with its own power supply would be the ISS itself. Although
they've already got plenty of comm systems, one might pitch this as yet
another backup comm system. It wouldn't be terribly hard to network the
ground stations so that a conversation could be maintained as the ISS
moves from one to the next. To simplify the implementation, provide good
voice quality and a backup data capability, the system would have to be
completely digital.


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