[amsat-bb] ARRISsat1 pass

Jim Cameron "KC9PXZ" kc9pxz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 18:26:15 PDT 2011

just had a pass no SSTV this time. bumer! Did get the voice TLM. Speacking of TLM. when you say send TLM to the servier, thats where? I also used scanner recorder to record the pass. It was wierd all I heard in the play back was loud beeps. any thought. I hate  not to record the audio, maybe next time i  wont record it and see if its better. I have already sent for all three cerf. So I dont need more than one cerf. for each of the three.  I dont understand the secret word. Is it just a way to confirm or do we send them in for a drawning or somthing? So If they want Voice TLM I  will be glad to send it when I recieve it just not sure were to send it. Also I have the bug, so I am doing to start monitoring TLM on the birds I work when they pass. just not sure were to send it once I have it.


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