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Dee morsesat at optonline.net
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I think you have only stated the facts.  This question is about what
happened to the antenna?  I, for one, am looking for the explanation
as he is.
Did it get broken?  Did it get lost the many times it was unpacked?
Did it ever have one?  Etc.?
We may never have the proverbial exact answer, however, if we populate
the next satellite as this one, what do we do to insure an antenna?
Presently , all is operational albeit at a degraded level.

******Also- to those looking for Certificates of reception---  I am
involved with the group trying to answer all the requests.  If someone
sends a request and a day later says- "Oh, I was incorrect on the time
or my name spelling etc."-- The first request is honored and others
disregarded.  Too many requests to keep tabs on and I'm sure once the
school year begins in the US, we will be inundated with the requests.
Be patient and we will get to all as soon as possible.
Dee & Gang of Certificate issuers.

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>> ... What is the official AMSAT/ARISSat1 team finding on the
ARISSat-1 70cm quarter-wave
receive antenna on the bottom of the satellite?

Not the "official" word by any means ... but the 440 whip was not
there when deployed. SO ... we are working with a 1.5" antenna instead
of a 6.5" antenna.

But - All modes of ARISSat-1 are operational -

FM Downlink 145.950 - Operational
Linear Transponder U/V - Operational
CW Beacon 145.919 - Operational
VHF SSB BPSK-1000 - Operational

Clint, K6LCS
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