[amsat-bb] Re: ARISSat-1 telemetry top submitters

Douglas Quagliana dquagliana at aol.com
Wed Aug 17 20:44:18 PDT 2011

 >All these data are based on the STP telemetry files from the AMSAT-FTP 
 >(Kursk / Spacecraft). Every telemetry frame exist only once.
 >If 10 stations listen to ARISSat and every station is forwarding the 
 >to the server - only one packet wins.

Actually, the telemetry on the AMSAT-FTP server represents all of the
frames that the ARISSatTLM telemetry server received from all of the
ARISSatTLM users.  Duplicate telemetry frames have not been
removed. This is all of the raw data.

Douglas KA2UPW/5

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