[amsat-bb] Re: Certificate for receiving BPSK-1000 telemetry

Douglas Quagliana dquagliana at aol.com
Tue Aug 16 20:07:43 PDT 2011


 Hi Jerry,
   Yes.   Even if you are forwarding the telemetry automatically in ARISSatTLM, I would
still like to get your .CSV files emailed to telemetry (at) arissattlm.org 

    You can just attach them all to one email and send them all in.


Douglas KA2UPW/5



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Hi Douglas,
Do you want these files, even if we have been forwarding the telemetry
automatically via the ARISSatTLM application?


>  All,
> If you received any BPSK1000 telemetry, then ARISSatTLM should have
> created a .CSV file in the ARISSatTLM\Telemetry folder on your desktop.
> The file should be named with the date (for example, 2001-8-5.CSV).
> We would really like to get a copy of the telemetry you received.
> Email the .CSV file(s) to   telemetry (at) arissattlm.org
> All telemetry *Reception Certificate* requests, either voice or BPSK,
> should be sent to   tlmreport (at) arissat1.org
> 73,
> Douglas KA2UPW/5


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