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Tim Goodrich tim at timgoodrich.net
Tue Aug 9 17:07:05 PDT 2011

On this, would it be possible to power preamps for 70cm and 2m through coax
if the antennas are split using a diplexer? Or would 12v go to both on TX
and fry one of them?


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My thanks to everyone who has responded.  4 out of 4 say it's ok to use the
847 to power the preamp.

I put up the 432 one today, but with the KP2 control box, just in case.  But
I will go ahead and remove the box, and let the 847 power it.

One interesting response was to be careful if there is anything inline
between the rig and preamp.  Lightning protection, or even an SWR power
meter, could affect the sending of voltage.

73 de Sebastian, W4AS

On Aug 9, 2011, at 3:16 PM, Lowell White wrote:

> Hi Sebastian, 
> I'll be interested in knowing that also... thanks for asking.
> I also have an FT-847 in my stable and have the KP2/2m on my "soon to
> list. 
> 73, 
> Lowell
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>> Before I destroy these, is anyone using Mirage KP-2 mast mounted preamps
> with a Yaesu FT-847?
>> I picked up a couple of them recently, and they came with the control box
> (which appears to be a bias tee) that supplies 12 volts via the coax line,
> order to power them.
>> The FT-847 can already supply 12 volts up the coax to mast mounted
> but I wonder if these Mirage preamps require the use of the control box
> some reason.  I would prefer to use the rig to power the preamps, but the
> manual doesn't mention that option.
>> 73 de Sebastian, W4AS
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