[amsat-bb] SP-2000 Preamp?

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Mon Aug 8 17:47:14 PDT 2011


I've been listening on a couple of ARISSat-1 passes, both with the bird in
sunlight.  The first time I vaguely heard what might have been a voice.  The
second time (and this one was 80 or 85 degrees elevation) I could clearly
hear that there was a voice, but could not understand, although some of the
pattern sounded like the call sign being announced.  I may have heard a bit
of SSTV too; not sure.  I'm listening with a Kenwood handheld, sometimes
with a 1/4 after-market antenna, sometimes with a 2M eggbeater.

So clearly I need something better.   Since I can pick up the ISS well
enough, I think I probably need a preamp.  Maybe if I were retired and had
more time, I'd build one, but for now, I'm thinking to go for the top-end;
that appears to be an SSB Electronics SP-2000.  But so far, no answer nor
return call on my message to SSB.  Does anyone know of a different place to
buy these things, or do they only feel through their rep?  How about second
hand?  Anyone looking to sell one?

Of course any other suggestions welcome too...

Thanks and 73,

Burns, W2BFJ

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