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Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Mon Aug 8 14:37:54 PDT 2011


Zarya is a small but important part of the international space station.  It
is one of the first segments built and launched by the Russians, and
contains the airlock they the Russians often use (and did use last week) for
their spacewalks.

ISS is how we generally refer to the International Space Station as a whole,
while we might say Zarya (or Kvant, or ...) if we are talking about a
specific part of it.

ARISS is "Amateur Radio aboard the ISS".

And (you did not ask but) ARISSat-1 is the amateur radio satellite built by
US amateurs with hardware supplied by a number of US and Russian companies
and universities, launched to the ISS by a Russian vehicle, and recently
released from the ISS (from a location on Zarya) by Russian Cosmonauts.

The ISS has a ham station aboard which is separate from ARISSat-1.  The ISS
station has more power and is easily readable by a small handheld 2M radio
with a 'rubber ducky' antenna.  However, it usually is sending digital data,
so without the decoding software etc it is not too interesting.  ARISSat-1
has a fairly low power transmitter (1/2 watt I believe) which is more
difficult to read.  Some have picked it up with pretty small rigs.  You
would probably do better with a pre-amp.  It has FM voice modulation as well
as CW, SSB data, and an SSB mode u/v transponder.

Look at www.amsat.org to find pointers to more about this stuff,
frequencies, orbit calculators, etc.

Hope this helps,

Burns, W2BFJ

> Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 17:01:27 +0430
> From: "N. Mahdinejad" <n.mahdinejad at gmail.com>
> Subject: [amsat-bb]  iss beacon receive and vhf preamp
> To: Amsat-BB <amsat-bb at amsat.org>
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> Dear amsat members.
> I have some question about receiving beacon signal from ISS.
> Could you please help me?
>   1. What is the difference between ISS, ARISS and ZARYA? Is these
>   different  satellites or 1 satellite with 3 name?
>   2. Which of them is easier to receive beacon from them?
>   3. Frequency of beacon signal of ISS is in VHF band. Is it available
>   without preamp? I use 2 preamp. One for VHF and 1 for UHF band. But the
>   preamp in vhf band isn?t on. I mean that icom receiver could not supply
> it.
>   I activate preamp in  vhf band in set menu of  icom radio. The uhf band
>   preamp on and I use it. But for vhf when I push the preamp button in
> front
>   panel of icom  the preamp writing is visible for 2 seconds and then
>   turned off and isn?t visible.
> Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
> Beat Regards.
> N.Mahdinejad

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