[amsat-bb] Re: gps accuracy

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Aug 8 08:29:41 PDT 2011

Hi Phil!

> I'm not a grid-square chaser so I'm not familiar with the customs, but
> doesn't this seem just a *little* out of touch with the spirit of the rules?

I don't think it's out of touch with the spirit of the VUCC rules.  If anything,
it's exactly within the letter and spirit of the current rules.  Once you know
where the intersection or boundary line is located, you make sure your
station occupies some part of each grid, as explained in sections 4(e)
and 4(f) of the VUCC rules:


In the past, these sections were not as verbose as they are now.  The
VUCC rules previously stated that you had to be able to provide ARRL
documentation if requested and that GPS was acceptable in determining
your location on a boundary or intersection.  There were no definitions
of how a portable or mobile station had to be situated, no mention of the
GPS accuracy or WAAS, and no mention of what would be acceptable
documentation of a station on a boundary or intersection.

Using KB5WIA's trip as the example, what better way to know that your
station is in all 4 grids than to determine where that intersection is, and
then making sure equipment is in each of the grids?  Dave went to some
lengths with ARRL to make sure his plans would pass muster with them,
even to the point of making it difficult for him to work many passes to
his east while complying with the VUCC rules.



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