[amsat-bb] iss beacon receive and vhf preamp

N. Mahdinejad n.mahdinejad at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 05:31:27 PDT 2011

Dear amsat members.

I have some question about receiving beacon signal from ISS.

Could you please help me?

   1. What is the difference between ISS, ARISS and ZARYA? Is these
   different  satellites or 1 satellite with 3 name?
   2. Which of them is easier to receive beacon from them?
   3. Frequency of beacon signal of ISS is in VHF band. Is it available
   without preamp? I use 2 preamp. One for VHF and 1 for UHF band. But the
   preamp in vhf band isn’t on. I mean that icom receiver could not supply it.
   I activate preamp in  vhf band in set menu of  icom radio. The uhf band
   preamp on and I use it. But for vhf when I push the preamp button in front
   panel of icom  the preamp writing is visible for 2 seconds and then
   turned off and isn’t visible.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Beat Regards.


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