[amsat-bb] Re: WORK-AROUND FOUND! RE: ARISSat TLM soundcard selection

PA3GUO pa3guo at amsat.org
Mon Aug 8 02:19:55 PDT 2011

Hi Mark,

Thanks, that worked (better, also in XP), now my work-around is not needed.

Still (not sure if the ARISSatTLM developer is reading this board),
I would say that we should not require from non-amateurs
(remembering this is an educational / outreach project)
to hack around with Windows settings, and a menu option
in ARISSatTLM (which device to use) should be available.

Henk, PA3GUO

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Onderwerp: Re: [amsat-bb] WORK-AROUND FOUND! RE: ARISSat TLM soundcard

ARISSatTLM will use the "deafault" sound card, so that can be changed just
with a few clicks;  I have lots of audio devices, and as long as I set the
Recording default to the device I want to use, it's easy...


Mark N8MH 

At 08:27 PM 8/7/2011 +0200, PA3GUO wrote:
>OK !
>So there is no way to select between either the soundcard (read output 
>or the FCD (which is in the system also a soundcard. 
>BUT: here is the work around;
>step 1: disconnect the FCD
>step 2: start ARISSatTLM (only th normal sound card is present, which 
>(not: in the Tuning indicator no signal is seen) step 3: plug in the 
>FCD (into the USB port of the PC) step 4: start HDSDR
> >>> and now ARISSatTLM shows the output of HDSDR
>Voila (the French would say)
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>Van: Sion Chow Q. C. (9W2QC) [mailto:9w2qc at 9w2qc.net]
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>Aan: PA3GUO
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>Onderwerp: RE: [amsat-bb] ARISSat TLM soundcard selection (and 
>Hi Henk,
>I totally agree with your suggestion, and to make it easy student is 
>the key to get the younger generation interested in all these.  I also 
>understand that the ARISSat-1 team is already working on a page to show 
>the submission of telemetry, so we shall wait a while and see.
>73, Sion, 9M2CQC
>Quoting PA3GUO <pa3guo at amsat.org>:
>> Hi Sion,
>> Great suggestion.
>> Another suggestion:
>> Not for us experimenters, but for schools / teachers / others / .. :
>> ARISSatTLM setup under Win7 worked fine, the assumed directory for 
>> the TLM storage was indeed used.
>> For Win XP this did not work: I got an error message when starting 
>> ARISSatTLM, it looked for the directory on the wrong place (it was 
>> created somewhere else). So I moved that directory to the place it 
>> was looking for it, and it works.
>> I know there is a heads up on this issue during the install process, 
>> but still.
>> For those many new people we try to interest (those 1+ million AMSAT 
>> reached with the press release), it would be good to fix this.
>> Just my 2 cents.
>> Henk
>> (btw: the SW overall looks good & quite appealing (also important in 
>> this case), it seems to incorporate the best ideas of recent other 
>> space programs, including Delfi-C3, RAX, ..)
>> Another idea (maybe this is already in place and I missed it) It 
>> would be nice to have on the ARISSat telemtry website (latest values) 
>> an overview of which stations submitted the data (they entered their 
>> callsign under 'tools').
>> That would highly motivate new people to contribute. Imagine you are 
>> a student, and build a receive set-up, and can show your teacher your 
>> name/call is listed on the official ARISSat website ! Projects like 
>> RAX and FASTRAC do this already:
>> http://fastrac.ae.utexas.edu/for_radio_operators/users/phpBB3/topuplo
>> a
>> ds.php
>> Henk
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>> Onderwerp: Re: [amsat-bb] ARISSat TLM soundcard selection ?
>> Hi Henk,
>> I seem to have the same problem as you do, and how I overcame it is 
>> to ensure that the sound card that you want ARISSatTLM to use is the 
>> default system sound card.
>> Perhaps the developer of ARISSatTLM can place an option in the 
>> software to allow us to select the desired sound card to use with it?
>> 73, Sion, 9M2CQC
>> On 7 Aug 2011, at 11:23 PM, "PA3GUO" <pa3guo at amsat.org> wrote:
>>> Case: Using ARISSatTLM with the output of HDSDR (connected to FCD SDR).
>>> - using Win XP (by luck ?) ARISSatTLM selects the decoded output of 
>>> HDSDR (volume of HDSDR varies the input level of the ARISSTLM 
>>> window)
>>> - using Win7 64bit ARISSatTLM seems to select another input (unclear
>>> which)
>>> How can I select which sound card ARISSatTLM should use ?
>>> Henk, PA3GUO
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