[amsat-bb] Reception of FSK signal by TS 2000x

Kumar Kshitiz kshitiz.1989 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 17:52:48 PDT 2011

Hi ,
I have to transmit FSK modulated data from a transmitter chip towards
Transceiver(TS2000x) so that I can receive the data in computer. I am
able to control the internal TNC of TS2000x through a software called
Pacterm. Even if the signal power is being displayed on display panel,
no data is being received in computer. I have an option of using the
UNPROTO mode in internal TNC. I am sending AX.25 UI frames to the
transceiver. Even then, nothing appears on computer screen. The
parameter RXERROR count also does not increment (which could have
stated otherwise that the packets are rejected). Can you just tell me
what can be the possible cause? and solution too.. I can also use KISS
MODE (found in transceiver datasheet) but there is no data display in
that also though it says it does not do any packet operation on this
mode and directly forward the data to computer..


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