[amsat-bb] MacBook running MacDoppler interface to radio

James Luhn luhn at wt.net
Sun Aug 7 12:43:36 PDT 2011

I have both PC and Mac computers. I enjoy using both and have each 
computer doing things that they seem to do the best.  I am looking for 
some suggestions on what interface I should be using to have MacDoppler 
running on a MacBook Pro control an IC-910. I have the CT-17 level 
converter for the IC-910.  When running from a PC(for this and mobile I 
use a Panasonic CF-29 Toughbook.  It has a serial port!)  I simply 
connect the serial port to the CT-17 and all works fine.  I do have a 
USB to Serial converter (U232-P9) that has Mac drivers.  I cannot seem 
to make the Macbook, usb-serial adapter, and CT-17 work.  For those 
running MacDoppler, how are you interfacing to the IC-910 or other 
radios using a serial port?


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