[amsat-bb] Re: ARISSat TLM soundcard selection (and submission listings)

PA3GUO pa3guo at amsat.org
Sun Aug 7 09:32:27 PDT 2011

Hi Sion,
Great suggestion.

Another suggestion: 
Not for us experimenters, but for schools / teachers / others / .. :

ARISSatTLM setup under Win7 worked fine, the assumed directory
for the TLM storage was indeed used.

For Win XP this did not work: I got an error message when starting
ARISSatTLM, it looked for the directory on the wrong place (it was
created somewhere else). So I moved that directory to the place
it was looking for it, and it works. 

I know there is a heads up on this issue during the install process, but
For those many new people we try to interest (those 1+ million AMSAT 
reached with the press release), it would be good to fix this. 

Just my 2 cents.


(btw: the SW overall looks good & quite appealing (also important in this
it seems to incorporate the best ideas of recent other space programs,
including Delfi-C3, RAX, ..)

Another idea (maybe this is already in place and I missed it)
It would be nice to have on the ARISSat telemtry website (latest values)
an overview of which stations submitted the data (they entered their
callsign under 'tools').
That would highly motivate new people to contribute. Imagine you are a
and build a receive set-up, and can show your teacher your name/call is
listed on the official 
ARISSat website ! Projects like RAX and FASTRAC do this already:


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Onderwerp: Re: [amsat-bb] ARISSat TLM soundcard selection ?

Hi Henk,

I seem to have the same problem as you do, and how I overcame it is to
ensure that the sound card that you want ARISSatTLM to use is the default
system sound card.

Perhaps the developer of ARISSatTLM can place an option in the software to
allow us to select the desired sound card to use with it?

73, Sion, 9M2CQC

On 7 Aug 2011, at 11:23 PM, "PA3GUO" <pa3guo at amsat.org> wrote:

> Case: Using ARISSatTLM with the output of HDSDR (connected to FCD SDR).
> - using Win XP (by luck ?) ARISSatTLM selects the decoded output of 
> HDSDR (volume of HDSDR varies the input level of the ARISSTLM window)
> - using Win7 64bit ARISSatTLM seems to select another input (unclear 
> which)
> How can I select which sound card ARISSatTLM should use ?
> Henk, PA3GUO
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