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Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 6 15:16:09 PDT 2011

Hi Ed,

It is the 432 model, and I am sure I was on 440, so it must have been the 
high power output that zapped it.  I was using it for my mobile setup which 
consisted of:

.                                                            . 
.    /    > Coment CA-2x4SR 5/8 mag
Yaesu FTM-350AR > Comet CF-4160J duplexer >>
.                                                            . 
.    \    > ARR SP432VDG preamp > Comet 1/4 wave mag

This setup actually yielded really good receive results, plus I can work 
full duplex as long as I keep the power under 25w on the uplink.  Now I just 
have to remember not to transmit 35w through the preamp.


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Another thing that may have gone is the RF sensing circuit that is
probably set for 25w max.  RF switched preamps are more susceptible
to burn-out as they rely on fast switching of the preamp bypass
circuit.  Even a few milliseconds delay will allow enough RF energy
to zap the delicate GasFet in the preamp.  This is why we suggest
using a sequencer to control RF switching before RF is
generated.  Its not done much by satellite operators but very common
by mw and eme stations.

Some high-end radios have transmit RF delay settings available in
their menu.  if you radio has such, add 50-100 ms delay will provide
much more protection.

You know re-reading your comments I wonder if you transmitted 440-MHz
thru a 144-MHz preamp?  The RF sense circuit might not detect 440 as
well as 144 MHz.  That is why radio with separate VHF and UHF
antennas are preferred.

Best to return to ARR for repair - it is a flat rate.
I have repaired many ARR P144VDG over the years.

73, Ed - KL7UW

At 12:48 PM 8/6/2011, Zachary Beougher wrote:
>Thanks for the responses everyone.  And Dee, no, I am not a handy tech -
>obviously!  I transmitted probably 2-3 times through it using 35w, 1-2
>second each, then it blew.  Like you, Mark, I am a little surprised it blew
>so quickly, but oh well.
>KD8KSN (aka reckless preamp handler) =P
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>You have blown it--If you are not a handy tech.  - Send it back to ARR
>and they have a flat fee for repairs.  Check with them on the
>Dee, NB2F
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>Hi All,
>I was monitoring some passes while mobile today, and amidst all of the
>confusion of messing with coax and frequencies, I accidently
>transmitted on 440, through the preamp, with 35w (the relay is rated
>at 25w).  I thought I had switched the VFO back to 2m, but I guess
>not.  It was only for a split second, but since that every time I turn
>the preamp on it automatically knocks out all received signal.  Does
>anyone have any idea on what I need to do/check to see what I did to
>it?  I have heard of this happening, I just need to know what path to
>take now to get it fixed.
>It is worth mentioning that I can receive fine with the preamp
>in-line, but the minute I throw the power switch it knocks out all
>receive (just static, no received audio).  I have not changed any of
>the connections, so having a coax hooked up backwards is not the
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