[amsat-bb] VS: ARISSatTLM

Jari Koivurinne jari.koivurinne at aina.net
Sat Aug 6 10:51:37 PDT 2011

> I'm having trouble getting telemetry.
> ARISSatTLM will see the signal on the Tuning Indicator and I have tuned
> the CW signal everywhere from the yellow mark to the top and bottom of
> the blue range.
> It decodes the CW fine in the Morse Code Decoder window but nothing
> ever
> shows up in the Telemetry As Text or ARISSatTLM main window.
> The orange indicator is following something, usually hanging around the
> middle of the orange line range when there is a signal.
> Any thoughts?  Windows Vista SP2 with M-Audio Delta44 sound card set
> for
> 48000Hz sample rate.
> Thanks!
> Jerry
> N0JY

I was also having trouble getting telemetry. Signal was quite strong and
all indicators was within range. The telemetry and CW stopped twice within
pass. CW was decoded but maybe the deep QSB made some impact to the
I have 2x 17 el horizontal yagis, FT-847 and Realtek AC97 audio system.
Sampe rate was 44.1 kHz.
Next time I try Edirol UA-1 USB sound card. Have to set alarm clock at 4 am
local time as this is the only time ISS is well above horizon... :-)

And please try the ARISSatTLM software and decode some frames as it is no
help if you just say you can hear some noise...

-jari oh3uw

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