[amsat-bb] Re: Arissat-1 Commanding?

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On 5 Aug 2011 at 14:03, Burns Fisher wrote:

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> I saw on one of the NASA announcements that the snarffled 70cm antenna would
> mean no commanding of the bird.  (This was probably before it was realized
> that that receive actually seems to work).  But the question I have is
> whether there IS some commanding of the bird possible. I guess you have to
> be able to turn it off to satisfy the FCC (true?) but can other things be
> done?  I assume/home that the command channel is encrypted, so disclosing
> its existance is not compromising the bird.
> 73, Burns W2BFJ
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As per my and other linear transponder test signal pass through but they are not too strong even if some report seems to confirm 1 watt 
power their EIRP is unknown assuming the command channel is on UHF but you know the word "assume" definition:)


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