[amsat-bb] A rose is a rose... is a rose

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Aug 5 13:55:51 PDT 2011

>> ,,,it now lists keps for 'Radioscaf-B'. (no 
>> ARRISat-1' listing). Will that eventually change?

I chuckle.  

We in the USA have virtually abandoned manned space. We have no manned space
flight vehicles because all we do is squabble with the attention span of 2
year olds in our politics and long term outlooks.  All our politicians do is
worry about their re-election in the next 2 years.  They cannot face the
really big issues that need to be solved without jeopardizing their
re-election by the me-first, screw-them electorate.  The voters only have
the attention span from one radio talk show to the next.

So since the Russians are now the only manned space program that can provide
the ride, I guess they get to call it whatever they want.  Our guys worked
VERY HARD to build it and deliver it against unbelieveable pressures and
bureaucratic issues, but the only way to get it to ISS was to give it to the


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