[amsat-bb] Moans and Groans

johnag9d johnag9d at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 13:31:17 PDT 2011

Yes! It is something that should be asked. We know from the so called test and the Yuris Night deal that the bird was used in ways not previously known. So either the antenna broke off or was not attached. This was not the crew that would have deployed in February. As has been said before beggers can't be choosers. If interested people pony up the bucks we can build and pay to launch anything and be autonomous. The reality is that raising several million dollars is not going to happen. So we take what we can get for now and celebrate the good as best we can. ARISSAT from my understanding was always what it is an education sat. The fact it has a transpoonder was a nice add on thanks to SDR and a test for the Fox platform. It was not advertised as an amateur only bird. 

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