[amsat-bb] Re: Bickering ...

N0JY n0jy at lavabit.com
Thu Aug 4 17:26:48 PDT 2011

Well bust my buttons, I did get some SSTV pictures overnight and while I 
was at work today!
I left the SatPC32 running the FT-736R and antennas, with MMSSTV.
Sure enough, I can enjoy a taste of the fun without being here, and come 
home to some surprises!


On 8/4/2011 2:13 PM, Dee wrote:
> Jerry,
> Yes, I have been there too.  So has Clint.  Now that I am retired, I
> do not have to wait until the weekend...
> Don't wish away the time.  When it happens, you'll be in our boat too.
> 73,
> Dee, NB2F

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