[amsat-bb] Re: Moans and groans ...

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 4 16:02:32 PDT 2011

>> ... the failure of Yuri's Night ...


Yuri's Night was a wildly successful event - with gatherings on every continent of the planet. 
Tell any of the 28 people who attended my Yuri's Night party of a "failure," and they'll each 
be able to properly educate you as to what Yuri's Night was all about.

Only a few of my attendees were hams. But everyone received handouts and watched 
NASA and Russian videos and had a marvelous time - while being educated as to the 
past, present, and future of space exploration.

No - We didn't have our new ham satellite to work that night. But to call Yuri's Night a 
"failure" is quite wrong - as would attendees of more than 550 parties in 75 countries 
across seven continents will tell you. No "failure" occurred on the 50th anniversary of 
human spaceflight - only educational opportunities, camaraderie, and knowledge was 
shared among thousands.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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