[amsat-bb] Two signal reports

Philip Jenkins wythe25 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 10:08:13 PDT 2011

145.95.Mhz, 0557 UTC, 45 degree pass here in western NC (still using the
Comet quad-band vertical). Lots of fading, but I did catch that voltage was
31.5. I thought that the vertical would do ok at a 45 degree elevation, BUT
I found out differently on the next pass I listened to...

145.95 Mhz, 1400 UTC, 13 degree pass to from NW to SW. (Voltage was 34.0;
had just come out of eclipse a few minutes before.) I was using the Arrow
antenna into the HT, and was listening to the mobile rig with the quad-band
vertical at the same time. I thought the vertical would really shine at such
a low-angle pass, and while it was ok, the Arrow blew it away. I knew there
would be a big difference, but not a HUGE difference. With the Arrow, I
heard the satellite long after I thought it would have faded entirely behind
the mountain(s).

Darn it, now I have to do some research on knife-edge diffraction on 2
meters around mountain tops/ridges <grin>

I think I'll try the CW beacon tonight - won't be until approx 0320 UTC
before the satellite is back in range, and then it's only a 4 degree pass.
(70 degrees on the next one though)

Philip N4HF

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