[amsat-bb] Stop this damn bickering. Have fun!

Carl Rimmer W8KRF w8krf at w8krf.net
Thu Aug 4 10:17:07 PDT 2011

That is IMHO.  We need constructive posts not this one-up-manship crap.  
Has anyone posted any live WAV files anywhere, so we can experiment with 
them while waiting for an ARISSat1 pass?  I have been able to copy the 
BPSK telemetry two times.  I am using HRD Sat Tracker and the Doppler is 
not keeping up.  I have to manually correct for the errors.  I am using 
the Keps which are on the AMSAT website.  I am finding the operating 
frequency to be much lower then 145.920.  But, also, this was with a 70 
degree elevation pass which requires quite a bit of Doppler correction.  
And also it is using USB so I guess if I did the math it would be right 
on.  Whatever...I am having a blast trying to copy it.  I even got up 
twice in the middle of the night to try it.  I want to have a much fun 
as I can before the batteries go dead.  That is a whole other topic that 
may get people bickering.  I have the same feeling about the means and 
methods as many of you, but airing them here is not going to change a 
damn thing.  If you all put as much energy in contacting those idiots in 
Washington about the mess they are making of our economy, ETC,  we might 
be better off.  Again, that is IMHO.


*Carl W8KRF *

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