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Dee morsesat at optonline.net
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I only said that to give the hundreds of people that get copied on
this BB to Be mindful that satellites are not put into orbit by the
good graces of commercial entities.  It takes some donations.  Now, I
do not tell everyone what to do (as accused) but we must become aware
that getting this satellite in orbit took many hours of construction
and sacrifice by our volunteers. 
I am a life member too.  I do give every chance I can- If I sell
something on Ebay, I donate something to the cause. I am a NJ
coordinator and have spent many hours at hamfests and gave many demo's
and talks to the ham community.  I just don't want the AMSAT community
to forget why we exist. 
I am also at the booth at the hamvention and love to discuss
membership ideas and necessary ways to export my enthusiasm. 
Let's enjoy the sats in place and look for the future to get more up
Dee, NB2F

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No guilt.
I paid for InstantTrack, Quicktrack 4 and The Station long before many

current operators were born, have been a life member of Amsat-NA since

1975 and a member of Amsat UK when I lived there.
I must admit, I haven't made a donation to Amsat-NA since this years 
Hamvention. I guess that makes me tight fisted.

On 08/04/2011 03:38 PM, Dee wrote:
> And you and Nigel should feel guilty about using  the sats that
> contribute to and support-  Try putting up your own...Don't know
> beef you have against those that are trying to get better sats in
> orbit, but if you continue to omit and not support the facts that
> cost money and NEED support, so goes that end of the hobby...I for
> one, do not wish for this to happen-

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