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Gould touches on something I haven't heard mentioned here, "...potential for STEM education." STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is what is driving education and schools are hungry for community involvement from people who can present projects that help the schools meet STEM education standards. (see stemeducationcoalition.org)

Perhaps we should address the impact ARISSat-1 should have on education and the potential of introducing what we do to large amount of young minds. Instead bitching about what has gone wrong, should we redirect our collective energies contacting teachers and local school officials and explaining the educational impact of ARRISat-1, the help them setting up an antenna receiver and installing software. Engage the students. Show them what a great hobby we have and follow-up in getting them more involved.

We have a golden opportunity that worth more than 100 grid squares contacts via the transponder. Something I consider more valuable than the cost of deploying this thing, Young Minds. We are lacking dreamers in this age. Here is our chance to create some.

Hmmm, maybe one of these kids who get involved will be become our best ally when they go to space.

EMike McCardel, KC8YLD
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A local TV station, WBIR produced a nice story about ARISSat launch today
and its potential for STEM education.

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