[amsat-bb] ARISSat-1 1219 UTC

John Spasojevich johnag9d at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 05:49:36 PDT 2011

Great pass over Chicago. Strong signals, copied voice telemetry, greetings,
SSTV.  Following the threads here, it may not be perfect but it's a hell of
a lot better than Suit Sat and is proving new systems and technologies. As
far as "educational outreach" goes I know that the ham community is a
friendly and welcoming place, that's why we reach out. I also know that some
members of the satellite ham community are very upset that the dream of HEO
and geosync are not reality. You can blame and point the finger at whoever
you want, it's a simple fact that it costs money to get there, even as a
ride share you are talking about a minimum of $1M so unless you are ready to
pony up the bucks to get there.......

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