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> Hello All,
> This event reminds us that nearly 14 years ago RS-17 Sputnik 40 built by
> AMSAT France was launched from MIR Russian station during an EVA.
> Video can be downloaded from
> http://f6bvp.free.fr/amsat-f/media/sput40a.mov
> and a Web page (in French) is dedicated to this very first launch of a
> microsatellite from a space station.
> http://www.amsat-france.org/spipamsat/article.php3?id_article=59
> 73 de Bernard, f6bvp
> AMSAT France
> Founding President

Hello Bernard Pidoux , F6BVP

I remember very well the early pioniering years when you was the
AMSAT-France President and particularly I remember your activity
designing and launching ARSENE ,OSCAR-24.

It was a very great effort of AMSAT-France even if only the S band
transponder worked for at least tree monts but its performance was
very good.

The only problem was the S band downlink frequency of 2446.5 MHz because it
was necessary to modify the actual 2400-2402 MHz downconvertes currently
used for the U/S mode of OSCAR-13

In Italy only three stations were active on ARSENE i.e. i7UGO, i7LIT and
i2BMV and unfortunately when my downconverter was modified and ready to
work the S band transponder died because of problems of overheating.

I am sorry that you retired from the charge of AMSAT-France President
because durind your management many effort were made to build RS-17 
Sputnik-40  and ARSENE OSCAR-24

By the way it seems that the actual BOD of AMSAT France voted to stop any
activity i.e. it seems that AMSAT-France do not exist anymore.

My friend Bernard please accept my congratulations for your past satellite
activity !

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico
Past AMSAT-Italy President

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