[amsat-bb] Re: a little perspective

Jim Jerzycke kq6ea at verizon.net
Wed Aug 3 20:21:19 PDT 2011

I'm sorry, Bruce, but I'm not buying it.

It was a screw-up, plain and simple.

And we can't make lemonade out of it.

At least AO-40 had a usable life for some. This thing is just another 
squawk box in space, like all the "student" satellites that are using 
the Amateur Radio frequencies for a free downlink.


On 08/04/2011 12:20 AM, Bruce Robertson wrote:
> I wonder if I might hope that the outrage from us amchair cosmonauts
> will abate by tomorrow.
> Let's take a look at what we need and what we've got: as an
> organization, we need cheap rides to space; but we have some pretty
> find satellite-building expertise. The relationship with ISS will, if
> we are reasonable, give us cheap rides. The NASA-TV announcer
> repeatedly said that ARISSAT-1 was the prototype of a series of
> satellites! Already, we've had the opportunity to fly our first
> SDX.The cost of making more along the lines of ARISSAT-1 is minimal
> compared to the cost of the ride, so this is a crucial relationship.
> What does ISS want from our relationship? Probably, an increased sense
> of purpose: we get a ride, they get recognition, and perhaps a bit
> more TV time for the EVA, and a connection with student research.
> Here's where it counts for us to be polite in a difficult situation.
> Focusing on errors, nationalistic name-calling, and the rest, just
> diminish what they get out the bargain, and make things more difficult
> for those who work with us who have negotiated these waters.
> Besides, I think the criticisms underestimate the technical difficulty
> and novelty of what we've been part of. I've watched many EVAs, and
> the feeling that things are not exactly going by plan is pretty common
> (even when Americans are running the show :-) How do you most reliably
> ship and store a small satellite to an orbiting space station? How do
> you most safely jettison it during EVA? As a species we have very
> little experience with this, and didn't get it 100% this time. Surely,
> kudos is due to AMSAT for being part of the group that is trying to
> answer these questions.
> Anyway, I have more fun thinking of it that way. And I'm looking
> forward to downloading as much telemetry for Kursk as I can.
> 73, Bruce

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