[amsat-bb] Arissat-1 low/high power modes

P.H. bbjunkie at f2s.com
Wed Aug 3 19:08:42 PDT 2011

After the last pass over the UK here I had a look at the switch on
times and found that the last time it switched on, it stayed on..
times I noted were

Power Off: 01:21:53
Power On: 01:23:56
Power Off: 01:24:40
Power On: 01:26:41

According to this it should've either switched off or come out of
eclipse by 01:27:21 - it stayed on - so I rolled back my tracking
software to 01:27:21 and found that the sat was barely out of
eclipse.. right on the fringe. The power saving seems to switch off at
the first sign of sun, there isn't a delay.

Just my observations :-)




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