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Roberto iw5bsf at alice.it
Wed Aug 3 16:24:10 PDT 2011

Hello Pete , I followed nasatv ARRISsat unprofessional I have to say I agree 
with you
seemed ridiculous to me when I heard that was missing the antenna of 70cm.
P3E support !!!!!!!!!!
73 Roberto de iw5bsf
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> Very unprofessional, i'm sure others also noticed how they couldn't
> even follow basic instructions about not clipping both safety harness
> onto the one grab rail.
> If they cant even follow basic instructions such as this, I am totally
> baffled how they were selected for the progress 28 let alone a very
> important EVA
> No doubt some of this is down to translation, but it sure sounded like
> on quite a few occasions the cosmonauts were just disregarding
> instructions from ground control, it also sounded like there were
> quite a few disagreements and some heated words between them.
> Truly unprofessional, I seriously doubt it would have gone like this
> if it had been a NASA spacewalk.
> Well, we're stuck with it, an expensive lesson learned. - Don't let
> the ruskies anywhere near P-3E!
> Anyone manage to hit the transponder on UHF yet?
> 73
> Pete
> 2i0VAX
>> I sure did not get the impression that it was a well coordinated mission. 
>> The communication between the two seemed a
>> bit .. well let's say unprofessional.
>> Cheers,
>> Mike K5TRI
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