[amsat-bb] Today's Success

Edward R. Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Wed Aug 3 16:23:33 PDT 2011

I'll try to keep this short...."Whose Success?"

If I were still a member of Amsat, I would be very upset with the 
handling of this project.  There is nothing for the contributions 
that ham radio members invested.  It ends up only glory for ARISS and 
the Russian's commemoration of Yuri Gagarin.

I would vote to cut the relationship between Amsat and ARISS.  It 
isn't offering anything for ham radio.  Let ARISS raise their own 
funds and build their own educational satellites.  Those that want to 
contribute to that, go ahead.  Amsat was created to build satellites 
capable of ham radio communications (and be used by hams)...this 
education outreach was added, much later.

But then I quit Amsat after 36-years.  You know what?  Keep this up 
and it could become a trend.

Ed - KL7UW
former #3212

PS:  They were right about my proposal:  It would fail.  Now you have 
the evidence. 

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