[amsat-bb] Re: Three Words ...

P.H. bbjunkie at f2s.com
Wed Aug 3 15:58:40 PDT 2011

Very unprofessional, i'm sure others also noticed how they couldn't
even follow basic instructions about not clipping both safety harness
onto the one grab rail.
If they cant even follow basic instructions such as this, I am totally
baffled how they were selected for the progress 28 let alone a very
important EVA

No doubt some of this is down to translation, but it sure sounded like
on quite a few occasions the cosmonauts were just disregarding
instructions from ground control, it also sounded like there were
quite a few disagreements and some heated words between them.

Truly unprofessional, I seriously doubt it would have gone like this
if it had been a NASA spacewalk.

Well, we're stuck with it, an expensive lesson learned. - Don't let
the ruskies anywhere near P-3E!

Anyone manage to hit the transponder on UHF yet?



> I sure did not get the impression that it was a well coordinated mission. The communication between the two seemed a
> bit .. well let's say unprofessional.
> Cheers,
> Mike K5TRI

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